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Swamiji's activities - 1972-1990

1973 –75

  • Development of the scientific master system »Yoga in Daily Life«

1973 -

  • Lectures, seminars and foundation of »Yoga in Daily Life«-Societies in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Turkey, France, Netherlands, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ukraine, India, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada etc.


  • Award of the titles of Doctor of Yoga and Brahmarishi by the World Development Parliament in New Delhi.


  • Award of the titles of Professor of the Spiritual Science of Yoga and Mahapurusha by the World Development Parliament in New Delhi.


  • Foundation of International Sri Deep Madhavananda Ashram Fellowship
  • Acknowledgement and appreciation from the President of Czechoslovakia, Vaclav Havel, for Swamiji's twenty year's humanitarian activities and help for the Czechoslovakian people during the communist time through »Yoga In Daily Life« .
  • From 1990 onwards: Numerous Conferences, Meetings and Activities in Shri Vishwa Deep Gurukul Swami Maheshwarananda Ashram Education & Research Center (on Health, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Human Rights, Tolerance, World Peace, Indian Culture ....)
  • Honour from the Ministry of Culture of Slovakia for the teachings of the system »Yoga In Daily Life «  as contribution to world peace, preservation of the environment and for the spreading of the Vedic spiritual culture and wisdom of India, in Slovakia.
  • Awarded at the Medical Conference »Rehabilitation Through Yoga« for the medical research »Feasibility of Maheshwarananda's Yoga for the therapy of Bechterew illness« in Piestany, Slovakia.
  • Award of the Dr Scherer Medal of Health by the manager's office of the Spa in Piestany his valuable contribution to the development of new rehabilitation methods.